Content Development

Working with authors and subject matter experts to refine, focus and structure their manuscript requires project management and editing with a little bit of public relations mixed in. Content Developers must become subject matter experts themselves as well as communicate and sometimes negotiate with authoring teams.The fine balance of looking out for the publisher's interests and schedule while being true to the author's vision requires constant care and a deep understanding of the process.

Production Project Management

A good project manager should be the glue that holds the production process together. For most products, there are so many different people involved in the process: authors, editors, designers, illustrators, printers, programmers to name a few. All of these people have different focus areas and personalities that make them good at their jobs. As a project manager on your program, we would help to bring all of these people together to create a unified team with a common goal—publishing a high-quality product, on schedule and within budget.

Art Management

An essential teaching tool in many books is the use of original illustrations. These illustrations teach important points of the text that require additional visual support. In many cases, there is not a pre-existing photo or illustration that will suffice. This is when an illustrator must be hired to render the new art.

There are many illustrators to choose from and we will help find an illustrator that works in a style (and budget) that is appropriate for your project.

We understand the mind, and work habits of the fine artist. As your art manager, we will work with the illustrators and editors to make sure that the art specifications written by the editorial team are interpreted and rendered correctly by the illustrator.

Photo Research

A powerful and well-chosen image can bring life and meaning to the words on a page. Images help bring forth emotion, visual understanding of a topic, and help the reader relate more personally to the text.

I have worked as a photo researcher for books of all levels and understand what is appropriate for school programs and the sensitivity of certain images in international markets.

There are so many agencies and images to choose from. Whether they are rights-managed images, royalty-free images, or photos shot for your specific program, Bluebird can help you find the images most appropriate for your program.

Copyediting and Proofreading

Copyediting, Proofreading, Fact Checking and Cold Reads are essential steps in the production process. There is nothing more frustrating than errors in a printed book. We at Bluebird build these steps into every production schedule so that we can make sure an error-free product is manufactured. Our editors sleep with the Chicago Manual of Style under their pillows! We are available to help with any copyediting or proofreading job, large or small.

Audio Program Development and Production

We have worked on many audio programs and understand how essential an audio program can be in certain learning areas. Whether your program contains complex dialogs or straight text readings, we understand how pacing, music, characters and dialects can impact the success of a program. From script development, through audio production, we can assist you with your audio program.

Technology Products

Technology is changing the shape of the publishing industry. Let Bluebird help you with your technology initiatives including E-books, E-learning, LMS, interactive CD-ROMs and other online products.